Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dr E.C.G Sudarshan’s relativity dimesions

by Sunny Kulathakal

Dr Ennakkal Chandy George Sudarshan hailing from Kottayam is an eminent Malayalee scientist who dared to correct Albert Einstein, the exponent of the relativity theory.

The following is what Dr Sudarhsn who landed in Bangalore from the Boston University told me about how he challenged the ‘Bheeshmacharya’ of physics.

“Suppose if you gave me change for a ten rupee note, I might put it my pocket believing you. You will know whether it is more or less only if you count it. I attempted to count the coins given by Einstein and said that it is a little less. Many took it as fun. That’s all”.

When Dr Sudarshan told me in such a humble manner that he had done nothing great but only some thing so small, what I recalled was the fact that the contributions of this unassuming but great scientist had already gone to various levels of physics. Though he had done even greater researches, he is better known as a scientist who challenged Einstein.

Scientists are mainly two categories. While one section gets themselves engaged in experiments within the confines of laboratories, the other section perform their mission by using their pen and paper. Dr Sudarshan who does not hesitate to use his imagination and formulate novel ideas from information available to him belongs to the second category.

Any one will be spell bound when Dr Sudarshan who possesses an independent and lively imaginative spirit unravels the mysteries of the magical box of physics in the most logical way through the help of simple examples. When Einstein proved that Newton’s law which says that the mutual attraction of physical objects are behind their mobility and immobility was applicable only to objects which are subjectively mobile or static was a turning point in the history of physics. Einstein’s theory that motion was relative was built upon his perception that nothing has the speed of light (Three Lakh Km in a second). But Sudarshan proved the possibility of some objects traveling at a speed surpassing that of light. They are known as Tachyons having more speed than that of light. If it can be fully proved, then information from distant stars will reach earth much faster.

It was in a paper presented at the Rochester University in 1958 Dr Sudharshan introduced the theory for the first time. With the assistance of Dr Bilanik, it was published in 1960 with certain modifications. It was also published in the American Journal of Physics Vol 30, Page 718.

But an American physicist named Gerald Fainburg has exploited the theory and now claims it as his own. Dr Sudarshan is a true copy of Einstein who commented that the world had gone nuts when he came to know that the bigwigs of Hollywood were planning to make a movie on him at a time when he wanted to retire to some corner of the world to lead a peaceful life. Einstein was at the pinnacle of fame those days. Like Einstein Sudarshan too is not vulnerable to publicity. In my mind I praised his aversion to publicity when stood helpless when I requested him to pose for a photograph at the end of my interview with him at the Guest house of the Indian Institute of Science at Bangalore.

I also don’t want to hide the fact that the photo of this accomplished scientist who does not give the least importance to publicity was finally taken by a press photographer at the airport on the day of his departure to the US.

It might seem ironical especially in view of the fact that scientists, sages and artistes who run after media with photographs in different poses and their biographical notes are not less in number these days.

Dr Arthur Michel Ramsey’s religion

The Arch Bishop of Canterbury, Dr Arthur Michel Ramsay has stated that it is because of the wrong perception about Christian goal of life that makes people to strive only for the salvation of the soul ignoring the social problems of mankind.

He called for the united and dedicated efforts on the part of Christians from all parts of the world to achieve social justice, fight against poverty and starvation and ensure human rights.

It was during an interview, supreme head of the Anglican Church and the 100th Arch Bishop of Canterbury stated these things.

A brilliant orator, theological scientist, author and scholar, this religious head is the Pope of the Anglican Church. He is a source of hope and true friend of the depressed as well as the fountain of grace.

Dr Ramsay was not an Anglican by birth. Dr Ramsay born On November 14, 1904 to Arthur Ramsay, member of the Congregationalist Church and Mathematics professor at Cambridge was studying law to become an advocate. Later he decided to study theology. Subsequently he joined the Anglican Church and brought his father also to the fold.

Anybody who mingles with him even for a short while will realize that Dr Ramsay is great person in all respects. Wherever he goes there will be long queue of church members to have a glimpse of him and if possible to have a few words with him. He is extremely cordial in his interaction with anyone. Also he talks with full attention and not with half mind.

This is what the Arch Bishop has to say about himself; “Let me say two things about me. Firstly I claim myself to be a humble Christian. Secondly I am a humanist having strong awareness about human dignity and freedom”. The Arch Bishop has clear views on any subject whether it be ecumenical movement, Hippie culture, family planning, divorce or homosexuality.

A warning note

Listen to the warning note he gives against the dangers that could happen during the course of man’s frantic run for social progress. For just selfish benefits man is at present installing himself in the place of God and ruthlessly exploiting the entire resources of the world. But the developed urbanization will be in a for a great disappointment, one it is realised that the tides and trends of the world are not under the control of man, but on the other hand they are controlling him.

Without loosing optimism he said “Today we are living in a problematic world. Each of us is a problem both for ourselves as well as others around us. I have full confidence that Christian faith can solve the problems of the world. The Arch Bishop stated that Christians should become active in political and social spheres by being witnesses to Christian principles. He said it was deplorable that the Church leaders were satisfied with making mere public statements on social and political issues. Christians are entrusted with the responsibility of morality and justice. He stressed that Christians have the moral responsibility to see that the gap between the halves and have-nots is bridged.


The relationship with God could be sustained only by giving paramount importance to justice, brotherhood and human love. He said there was a need to link the agitations for freedom and justice with the struggle to get redeemed from sin and selfishness. Incidentally he pointed out that several immoral relationships are acting as hurdles in the way of some affluent countries to gain freedom despite the fact that they have already gained relief from starvation and poverty.

“Our wealth and status are just transient. Finally we have to approach Christ without any garb. Then we would have nothing else but ourselves to present before him” he pointed out.

On those who opt for the path of agitation to secure their rights this is what Dr Ramsay has to tell; “if your conscience compels there is nothing wrong in agitating for your own rights. But you should never enter the battlefield to deny the rights of others. He said the Christian duty was to bring a transformation to the total human conditions. He also said that the perception that the Holy Ghost is the monopoly of any (including bishops) was wrong.

Countering the contention that invisible Church was more important than the visible Church, he said that it was inevitable to manifest the union with Christ through fellowships like Church.

As a spokesman of the unity of Christian Churches, he doesn’t have the false notion that it can be achieved in one fine morning. He also pointed out that there is no meaning in having unity just for sake of unity.

When asked about the delay occurred in recognizing the CSI Church by the synod of the Anglican Curch he said “ever since its inception in 1948, the CSI Church has been informally recognized by the Anglican Church. Even Holy Communion with the CSI Church was allowed. However there also existed certain problems as well. Not all the priests of CSI were appointed by Episcopas. The Anglican Church believes that only Episcopas are empowered to implement the heredity of apostles. Now most of the CSI bishops are ordained by Episcopas. “While it took 25 years for the Anglican Church to formally recognize the CSI Church it took centuries for the churches in North India to forge a unity” the Arch Bishop remarked with his typical humor.

One of the foremost scholars in theology, Dr Ramsay has contributed significantly to the English youth’s character development through his orations, writings and other activities.

The suggestions of the Arch Bishop to involve the youth more in the activities of the Church by understanding their needs are interesting. The youth might raise their voice against traditions and conventions. They may not like negative prohibitions. Present the adventure of leading a sacrificial Christian life and loving the God as a challenge before them. Never cherish the false hope that they could be made active in Church affairs by instilling fear and by using authority.


The Arch Bishop pointed out that it was as a mark of protest against the growing urbanization and modern culture, people are turning to Hippism. He also pointed out that the organisation called “Jesus Hippes” is in fact is a group of those who are striving to bring religious revival. The group is a challenge to those who enact fraudulent life drama under the guise of religion.

He said that there is not even an iota of truth in the accusation that England is a permissive society. Just because a few are leading a permissive life, the entire society could not be blamed.

The Bishop who is a married person believes in family planning. Dr Ramsay who is of the view that divorces need to be discouraged believes in the principle of one husband, one wife and that too for the whole life.

A committee was constituted a few years ago in England to submit a report on issue of bringing homosexuality under the purview of criminal offense. The report which did not favour the same was discussed in the parliament. Asked about his speech supporting the report , the Arch Bishop said that homosexuality is wrong and is a sin. But we do not consider all sins as criminal offense. Moreover if homosexuality was included in the list of criminal offenses, it would become impossible to give advice or extend help to such offenders.

The Arch Bishop who believes that social issues are essentially moral issues use to take active interest in such matters.

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