Monday, May 31, 2010

justice V R Krishna Iyer writes


The propriety of publishing as a book, the different articles written by Sunny Kulathakkal at various occasions is quite commendable. The book is full of the recollections of how he had overcome a lot of tough experiences and negative situations through his hard and sincere efforts after his migration to Gulf through a little bit of political clout after his initial stint as a journalist in India. It is commendable that he found time to care for his family matters while struggling to build up his future. One of his distinctive contributions was the Gulf directory which he compiled for the benefit of Gulf Malayalees while he was in the Middle East.

I consider that this series written in beautiful and stylish language without a tinge of exaggeration on several subjects of interest to the ordinary people are highly informative. There is no doubt that this book will give an interesting and informative reading to the Malayalees in Gulf and especially their relatives back home. I would also like to particularly point out that the Keralites and Non resident Malayalees are equally obliged to him for this venture.

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