Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gopio Kochi Chapter



Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) Cochin Chapter was initiated at a dinner meeting held atPresidency Hotel at 7.30 p.m. on Monday, 13th August, 2012. Mr. Sunny Kulathakal, Executive Vice President ofGOPIO presided over the meeting. The following former NRIs and prominent people attended:-
1) Jose Thomas
2) Kurian Abraham
3) M. K. Harikumar
4) Babu Varghese
5) Jose P. L.
6) Jose Pudukaden
7) K. V. Prakash
8) Alex S. M.
9) Paul Vadassery
10) T. P. M. Ibrahim Khan
11) Nibu Mathew
12) James Kurian
13) Mohan Thomas
14) V. B. Cherian
15) T. B. Venugopal

Dr. Philip Augustine, Mr. Sivadasa Menon and Eng. Roy Abraham expressed their inability to attend but extend allsupport for GOPIO activities.
Mr.Kulathakal explained the salient features and purpose of GOPIO. He mentioned that Cochin Chapter willtake the lead in conducting GOPIO convention 2013 on 5th and 6th January, 2013 in conjuction with the PravasiMeeting.Mr. Ibrahim Khan was elected as the convener of Cochin GOPIO convention 2013. Mr. Sivadasa Menon’s
name was suggested as the President of GOPIO Cochin Chapter. Since he was engaged in other activities, Mr. Menonwanted to work as a member to start with. Lakeshore Hospital M. D. Dr. Philip Augustin has agreed to be the President
and Dharam Publication Editor Mr. Kurian Abraham as Vice President. Former Chamber of Commerce President, Mr.Jose Thomas was elected as the General Secretary, Advocate K. V. Prakash as Joint Secretary and CEO of Presidency
Hotel Mr. Nibu Mathew as Treasurer.Advocate Babu Varghese, Advocate James Kurian, CEO of HiFx IT and Media Services Mr. MohanThomas, former NRI and MD of East Fort Medical Centre Mr. Jose Puthukadan, Senior Special Councel (Govt. of
India) Mr. T. P. M. Ibrahim Khan and Director of Blossoms Training Institute Mr. P. L. Jose will be in the Executive

Jose Thomas,
General Secretary.

K. V. Prakash,
Jt. Secretary.

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